Author: rannie teodoro


I’m currently a research manager on the User Experience Research Team at Facebook. Findings from my recent projects informed the new design for Facebook Search, a product supporting both navigational and keyword searches. My team currently supports improvements to the end-to-end search experience and informs its product growth strategy all over

Simplifying Facebook Search

I’m thrilled to have supported the research that drove and continues to shape the simplification of Facebook Search. “Facebook Search was originally designed to let people easily navigate to profiles, businesses, groups, and events. Over the past few years it has grown to include other types of Facebook content, such

The Motivations and Experiences of the On-Demand Mobile Workforce

On-demand mobile workforce applications match physical world tasks and willing workers. These systems offer to help conserve resources, streamline courses of action, and increase market efficiency for micro- and mid-level tasks, from verifying the existence of a pothole to walking a neighbor’s dog. This study reports on the motivations and

Editorial algorithms: Using social media to discover and report local news

The role of algorithms in the detection, curation and broadcast of news is becoming increasingly prevalent. To better understand this role we developed CityBeat, a system that implements what we call “editorial algorithms” to find possible news events. This fully functional system collects real time geo-tagged information from social media,

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