I’m currently the Head of Design at Thumbtack, a two-sided online marketplace that connects customers with local service professionals. I lead the Product Design, Experience Research, and Creative teams.

I began my career in academia and completed my Ph.D. studying health communication, mediated technologies, and information-seeking behaviors. I eventually joined the tech industry with a job at Facebook, where I drove strategies for news-based platforms, search products, local services, and emerging markets. Today, I’m focused on empowering teams to build products that help self-made entrepreneurs and local communities thrive.

Simplifying Facebook Search

I’m proud to have driven research that continues to shape the simplification of Facebook Search.

Facebook Search was originally designed to let people easily navigate to profiles, businesses, groups, and events. Over the past few years it has grown to include other types of Facebook content, such as the posts, photos, and videos we share in News Feed. With each new addition, the design of the system became increasingly more complex.” 

On a massive scale, we rolled out an updated design in order to solve that complexity problem. With two billion searches a day, it was no easy undertaking.

Managers — Make Your Habits Work For You

Habits and routines are extremely powerful, especially when we recognize what triggers them. If done well, they can be harnessed to improve our lives both at work and at home. In July of 2016, I transitioned into research management at Facebook. I had spent my two previous years there working as an individual contributor (“IC”), and for six years before that, I was in academia. So while I have been a researcher for most of my adult life, conducting research and managing researchers were two different things. Read more…

Researchers as Design Leaders – #UXRConversations with Noam Segal

“Rannie has a PhD in communication and several years of experience doing industry research as well, but these days she’s part of a rather small group – the group of researchers (by training) who lead design orgs.”

Listen here for a conversation about my journey from research to design leadership.

Making Global Impact Decisions at Facebook

“… Teodoro soon landed a prime position Research Manager on the User Experience Research Team at social media legend Facebook and is currently making decisions that make an impact on a global level. Teodoro recently spoke with us on her career, SC&I faculty who guided her along the way, and how competing in martial arts helped her train for future success in a male-dominated industry.” Read more…

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